Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A message from the City of Newport Model Engineering Society (Paul Perkins)

 image not from NMES
I am a member of the above engineering society based in Newport on the Glebelands Park area. The club is proud of over 65 years of engineering excellence, we have just under 100 skilled member that spend all their spare time designing and building all types of scaled models.

When the models are finished the members are free to enjoy using them, especially the highly detailed electric and steam trains. In fact during last year we gave over 4200 rides to families and children.

At a recent open day I met up with some scouts and their families, they were very interested in what we do and asked if they and other scout members could come back to the club to learn more about what we do etc.

One of my jobs at the club is to promote the club, which would also include inviting youngster to the club to see the members working and the different aspects of model engineering. We also run a children club.

We offer a wide range of interesting engineering topic areas through to just fun for the whole families. If you are interested I could range a series of visits and action plans to suit the various age groups, from just fun riding the trains, to invites for the scouts and their families on special club days through to arranging work task for the older groups (simple to building with help and training). A lot depends on the age of the groups but they can study a whole range of topics at various levels while having fun.

From learning how drive a train through to building robots or using 3D printers etc. and of course help us to develop the site. We have a large site in which many areas could be used for many different reasons, from Camping to land work

I have worked with young persons in a college for 27 years and our president, myself and the club wishes are to develop our links to young persons who are interested in what we do.

We could work with all you groups, from Beavers to Network, So if the above would be of interests to your scout pack please get in touch

Thank you for your time

 Regards Paul Perkins


23 July; was the first Scout dinghy sailing day with the Newport District SWAT team. Scouts from 1st Marshfield and 1st Llanmartin groups came along to try the programme and get wet. All of the Scouts were beginners, all managed to sail by themselves and most importantly a lot of fun was had by all :)

If any groups wish to book a session or just know more please take a look at the SWAT web site

Newport District SWAT - Home

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The 6th go Sailing

The 6th Newport joined the district sailing team today for a session at Llandegfedd reservoir. Feedback was very positive with many of the Scouts keen to come back for another go soon :)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

District Soap Box Derby

District Soap Box Derby today at Cearleon scout hut. Reasonable turn out on a lovely day. 4 keen teams. 

Soap box Derby results
1st Llanmartin 29 points, 2nd Caerleon 26 points, 3rd Wentwood 25 points, 4th 7th Newport 15 points

Lots of fun was had by all :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Newport District Scouts Water Activities Team (SWAT)

The Newport District Scouts Water Activities Team (SWAT)

at Llandegfedd

photos by Polly

for those with Ipads etc click on the image below to view the pics

Water activities June 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pics from the Climbing Event

Photos by Polly

For those with Ipads etc that cant view flash apps
below is a link to the photos

Climbing Event June 2015

New Program of trainings for 1st Aid

New Program of trainings for 1st Aid