Sunday, September 28, 2014

DC bits October 2014

Well the districts fishing competition has come and gone and well done to all who took part and well done to the winning scout from 1st Marshfield. The 25th held their group fete (the oldest fete held in the Malpas area) and raised valuable funds for their HQ.

Breaking News: A very well done to all those from Newport who took part in the Gwentrek Extreme competition held over this last weekend. An excellent result with 1st and 2nd place going to the ESU Teams and a 3rd place by the 28th Newport young leaders.
The nights are drawing in and so our programmes focus on indoor meetings across the city. Let's still make the most of the lovely autumn weather by getting outside enjoying the countryside, watching nature closing down with its magic of colours and shapes, maybe setting up our own bird feeding areas, homes for hedgehogs to live happy during the cold and wet to come.

Let's not forget the Newport 'food bank' let's make the last Thursday of month our target  night when we can take our groups collections over to Fred's shed so the SAS members can ensure it gets to the food bank. This is a opportunity for some of scouts and older members to do service by joining the food bank on their special collection days!

The 'scout post' is also getting closer by the day, this is again a great way of involving parents and other supporters and some may even become full uniform leaders in the future if we make the post  'fun' even when it is hard work. Let's also try ensuring we put all the post in the correct boxes, sacks etc. to guarantee the post gets through on time and with the least amount of fuss and double handling.

I've been out and about presenting a large number of awards both to scouts (gold award) 1st Llanmartin and adult awards to the 1st Marshfield, the 6th Bank street and the 24th.  A mix of wood badges and service awards. Well done everyone and thank you to all who work so hard week in week out, we do make a difference!

Also let's not forget to welcome our districts new ADC CUBS Katherine Lewis, I know we will all give her the support she needs to ensure our cubs get the best cub scouting possible.

Good luck and lots of fun cub scouting.
Cu soon
Polly dc

Don't forget area training drop in weekend 10 - 12th  October check with Wendy for more details so you can pick when and what you need rather than give up a full weekend! So go on find out more.
The district scout camp weekend just at the start of the half term school holidays.
The district is looking for a new ADC scouts interested? Come on let's talk!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Appointment - ADC Cubs - Kath Lewis

Hi everyone, just a quick message to introduce myself and say hello.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been in scouting for 18 Years and a Cub Scout Leader for 9 years.  I started out at the 6th Newport before going away to University and joining the 7th Lincoln.  When I moved back home I came back to the 6th and have been there ever since.

I’ll be in touch soon to organise meetings, etc. in the meantime if you need to contact me feel free to use any of the following:

Looking forward to working with you all.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beaver Leaders Meeting

Beaver leader meeting -Monday 8th September 2014  at Skip Jennings Hall at 7.30pm   

Could all Beaver sections attend or send a repesentative as we have a big program for the year ahead.  Can all Gsls please advise their leaders of the meeting and if any Beaver Leaders or Gsl are unable to attend can they contact me on 0757803##### (number available by emailing the web team).  So minutes can be emailed out to them.

Thank you

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oct 14 training modules

This exciting Training Weekend will hopefully give you experience to complete Modules for your Wood Badge Training.  

If successful the course will be repeated in March when other modules will be offered.

Venue :The Power Station, Cwmbran
11th October to 13th October 2014

Time table and application form here

Cost of the training is as follows.
The whole weekend costs £25.
Individual modules are £5 each.
Applications must be received by your Local Training Manager by 
Sunday 28th September 2014.  
The course fee MUST be included!

Wendy Mustow

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome back from Summer 2014

The DC’s bit

Hi and a BIG Welcome back after the summer break, I hope you all had a good summer and enjoyed your camps and family holidays and were lucky to have had the warm dry weather which I seemed to miss out on (again).

I know the District joins with me in sending our thoughts to John Taylor-Williams family and friends on the very sudden death of John during his holiday in Cornwall. I have been informed that the family were overcome by the kind messages and the number who attended John’s funeral. Thank you all.

September has already given us the challenge of NATO coming to Newport and that helpful message of “Plan a Head” ? I know the Air scouts have been enjoying the air show and spotting a number of different air craft flying over the City.  I know some groups will have problems meeting due to the “Lock down” of parts of the road system etc. in and around Newport.

Newport is still looking for a person or persons to manager our Cub section, so please look at what you might be able to do to support the District so the cubs get the best cub scouting Newport can offer. I believe that anyone who comes forward for this rewarding job within the District should continue to work in their cub section / group as I believe if you’re not working in the section you often miss out when it comes to understanding the needs of that section. Training and support will be on offer.

Please remember the DISTRICT TEAM meetings are open to all ADCs, GSLs, Managers and reps from other supporting groups in our District. We meet the 1st Tuesday of every month excluding August at the Civic Centre, room 3, meetings start 19.30hrs til 21.00hrs. Allowing people in work etc. time to get to the venue (better parking when the footballs on). So please make every effort to attend or send a group rep (parent note taker etc.).

Well done the Newport Boat Group - who are making great progress in their training and are now at the stage of their development to run their own committee to ensure better use of their time and resources. So I hope we might have our first training session during 2015.

Diary what Diary?
Well nothing is simple these days, it seems they are now about to be printed and sent out . Like any diary for them to be effective you will need to keep them up todate and filled in with information that you’ll need to work effectively. So please let’s not spend time looking for problems.
For those of us in the digital age there is the District ONLINE Calendar / Diary (
If you want to add your own events please use the form online.

We also have a social media connection with a Facebook Group (which has a membership number of 113 from the District and is growing) and a Twitter account (@Newport_Scouts)

A new computer system is coming on line bit by bit so again any problems remember just like you the District Team are also end users so if it doesn't work as you would like then  please be patient.

Wood Badges
Well done to:
Toni Mears, Gaynor Christine and Mark Williams, I look forward to being able to present these awards
Well done great effort from all the teams in supporting these Scouters gaining the WOOD BADGE.

Welcome to Sue Messager who takes up the management of the Beaver section so let’s make sure we all give Sue and the Beavers all the support we can.

So a quick recap:
ADC CUBS manager needed.
Team and Executive meetings are held at the Civic Centre - room 3 - 19.30-21.00hrs
Sue is the new ADC Beavers

September is the start of the NEW SCOUTING YEAR 
so let’s make it fun and enjoyable for all.

Have a great year