Wednesday, April 23, 2014

District Update for MAY

May - District Update

I hope you all had a good Easter and you've not eaten too many chocolate eggs? This year we already have had a very successful St George's Day and parade, you should all be very proud of yourselves with all of the District on Parade! All sections very smart and well behaved. (Never know when the next Bear Hunt might happen)?

May brings with it warmer and dryer weather, so much of our scouting will be done outdoors. Great fun for all I hope. It's also the start of the AGM season so please let me know when and where yours will be I will try my best to attend, also you may wish to invite the ADC's who might be available to attend and by doing so SUPPORT THE IMPORTANT WORK OF OUR EXECUTIVES.

Our district AGM is on the 14th May, venue the Seafarers Mission down at the docks entrance. So please make every effort to attend and support your Districts window on our Scouting and it's also an opportunity to meet old scouting mates and talk about the fun past and the fun to come!

Lets not forget the Jamboree on the trail  10th May down at the Newport Wetlands, from about 10.30hrs = Great place to have a Beaver/Cub picnic after the trail has finished also don't forget this an opportunity to invite help and support from parents etc. they may in time become your sections new leaders. The SAS members might need some extra support so it's an opportunity for any Explorers who would like to help, please let the SAS know in advance, on the day you need to be there for 10.00hrs.

The Scouts are off on their bikes at the end of the-month with a cycle camp. Good luck chaps.

So where are the rest of you with the DC challenge? Come on still a small number of  World Maps left so speak to your ADC Beavers / Cubs or the SAS team.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beaver and Cub Golf Taster Day

Beaver and Cub Golf Taster Day

1st June

2 sessions 10:00 -12:00 and 13:00 -15:00

Max number 30 per session

£2.00 per head

contact: Sue Ainscough

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Message from BulliesOut

Good afternoon, 
We’re Zoe and Josh, Youth Development Coordinators at BulliesOut, an anti-bullying charity based in Cardiff. We currently run the BulliesOut Young Ambassador Programme, which allows young people to be an active voice in the anti-bullying cause. 

Our Young Ambassadors help BulliesOut by taking part in fundraising and raising awareness. They use their own skills and experiences to help our charity and their communities. As well as the Young Ambassadors doing work for us, we provide them with training in useful skills such as first aid and time management, and we also give them the opportunity to complete Youth Achievement Awards using their BulliesOut work. Young Ambassadors who achieve a Youth Achievement Award are awarded at our annual Pride Awards which takes place at Cardiff City Stadium.

Please find attached the Young Ambassador newsletter. This contains information about some of the great work that our Young Ambassadors have done in their role.

We think our programme would work hand-in-hand with some of the brilliant work you do with young people in your area. The activities your members do for us could also form part of their community challenge award. We're looking to get more young people involved in our cause, so if you think any of the young people you work with would be interested in being an ambassador please let us know and pass on our information to the group leaders in the area. If you’d like, we can arrange to come into your group and talk to your members about the programme and how they can get involved. 

Kind Regards,
Zoe and Josh         click here to download the newsletter

Friday, April 11, 2014

Best on Parade - The Results

Hi All

Our Judges have decided:

Best beavers - 25th

Best cubs - 1st Rogerstone

Best scout troop - 1st Wentwood

Best group - 25th

Well done everyone on parade you were a great credit to Scouting  

The presentation will take place during the District AGM on the 14th May @ the Mission for 
Seafarers - starts  from 19.30hrs

Let's make this an important evening, a celebration of all that's making Scouting in our City 
something SPECIAL 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The District Bike Ride

Last Saturday Scouts from all over Newport turned out for the District Bike Ride

They started off from the 25th HQ in Malpas and cycled up the towpath via Fourteen Locks most of the way to Risca and then made their way back.

This year nobody tried to ride on the canal water !

A good event

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dear ALL,

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the helpers, supporters, volunteers and of course the Leaders for your work and support during our District St George’s Day Parade and Service.
A number of parents stopped me outside the Church and also at the end of the parade and they asked me to pass on their thanks to you all.

It was made the success it was by your support and that of your team. All working so hard to ensure the fullest and smartest turn out possible. Please pass on my thanks to the whole of your sections on a job well done.

I look forward to meeting and enjoying the summer with as many of you as possible during the many activities which are being planned.

I would also like to remind you of our Districts AGM of the 14th of May at the Mission of Seafairers. This is very much a District event and another opportunity to shout about ALL THE GOOD WORK that ‘You’ and your team do in offering Quality Scouting in the City of Newport.

Once again thank you all,


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Dcs Bit - March 2014

It’s been sometime since I provided a small note of what I as Dc have been up to.  So here goes (some may find this very helpful if they had trouble sleeping).

I started and have not stopped attending meeting after meeting trying to catch up on where we are as a District and how we fit into the great plan of things. 

I am pleased to say that the District team and executive meetings have returned to meeting once a month with a start time of 19.30hrs and a finish of 21.00hrs (this allows the few of us still in work the opportunity to grab a cup of tea and see the days e-mails ! And say hello to the family).

I have set out a DC challenge for the Beaver and Cubs sections with a travel theme, this should be on line and I do hope you will take up the challenge as you should be able to see yours and other sections progress on line (Don’t forget to pick up your world map at St G Parade) I am pleased to say the ADC’s for Cubs and Beavers have agreed to continue to support the sections until the New DC takes over. I would like to thank them for this. So if you feel you might be interested in the ADC role then let me know and we can talk about it and make it ready for the new DC.

I have asked the SAS (Fellowship) to work with you, the District and the ‘Food Bank’ of Newport. We have a proud history of giving support to others and I feel this would ensure our efforts will support those in our own communities. So let’s pull together and ensure all of us do our bit!

I have been informed that a few of the District have been ill over the last few weeks and am pleased to report some seem to be making progress to good health, our best wishes are with all our members who are ill at this time. (Come on the spring,  hopefully the warm weather will soon be here for all of us to enjoy Scouting Outdoors, where we do our best fun Scouting activities)

Gerry had a very important 80th Birthday party with many of his friends and fellow scouts turning up to help make the evening go with a bang, well done 22nd group who worked so hard to ensure a great evening for all.

The Explorers had a great time in London mixing with groups across Wales and England on what was a very full weekend on the first Monopoly Explorer run. I was there and with Winger to try out our own version!! Plus we supported the explorers when required. (mostly they seemed to be looking after Winger)

 It was a great weekend so check out the event and maybe book a place for the ‘Network and Leaders’ run in September 2014 or book the explorers on next year’s run! Never too late to plan!

Our ST Georges Day service and Parade will soon be here and I’m looking to polishing my shoes and hopefully to find a shirt that fits!  A lot of work goes into this important day in the life of our District so please make every effort to attend and ensure the members and parents understand the importance of the parade when we become ONE on remaking our promise in front of all the City of Newport.  SEE YOU ON THE BIG DAY!


Date/ events to come:
 Scout cycle half day 5th April
/ Easter / May day / Jamboree on the trail
District AGM 14th May S/mission